There were more people in duck costumes (one) than there were Republican candidates (none) at the League of Women Voters’ forum Wednesday night for two of the Lowcountry’s highest-profile races.

Charleston County auditor candidate Peter Tecklenburg was allowed to address the gathering for 30 minutes after his Republican opponent Paul Gawrych backed out.

Tecklenburg said he was “deeply disappointed” his opponent didn’t show, opting instead to attend a GOP event. Tecklenburg’s campaign had a person in the duck suit outside North Charleston City Hall with the sign, “Gawyrch Ducks Debate.”

“I’m proud to come from a long line of Charleston Tecklenburgs that value public service,” he said, adding the he quit his job as a transportation planner to run for the office, and vowed it will be his only job, if elected. “No one will ever question who I work for,” he said.

U.S. Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C., chose to attend events Wednesday in Beaufort County. One of his rivals, Democrat Bobbie Rose, blasted Scott for being a no-show.

“I am upset that he’s not here tonight, not because he’s my opponent but because he’s my congressman,” Rose said. “Answering questions from constituents is his job. Tim Scott did not show up for work today.”

Rose and Libertarian Keith Blandford participated in the forum but did not see eye on much, except their opposition to any war with Iran.

Rose called for more federal funding for early education, but Blandford said the federal government has no money for that, and education isn’t its job.

Rose also supported an increase in the federal minimum wage, but Blandford said a minimum wage discourages employers for giving people a start and doesn’t work.

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