CLEMSON - The Dabo Swinney Era could be an extended one at Clemson, helped by a number of buyout clauses and escalators in his new contract that are geared toward promoting stability at the top of the program.

Swinney signed a new six-year contract worth $1.965 million per year this offseason, as earlier reported. Clemson released a copy of that contract Thursday.

If Swinney leads Clemson to another ACC title, his pay will increase to the average of the top three compensated coaches in the conference.

If Swinney leads Clemson to a division title, his compensation will increase to the average of the top five head coaches in the ACC.

Right now, Swinney’s compensation is in the middle of the pack in the ACC.

Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher ($2.75 million per year), Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson ($2.4 million), Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer ($2.4 million), Wake’s Jim Grobe ($2.3 million) Virginia’s Mike London ($2.1 million) and Maryland’s Randy Edsall ($2 million) all entered the year with more lucrative contracts than Swinney.

Swinney’s previous contract called for his salary to increase to around $2.2 million this season but he elected to redirect $300,000 of his own dollars to his assistant staff.

If Clemson fires Swinney he will receive a considerable buyout.

The clause calls for Swinney to earn 100 percent of his compensation in his “first contract year after termination,” 90 percent in his second contract year after termination, 75 percent in his third and 60 percent in his fourth year and beyond.

Swinney’s buyout value this offseason is $7.5 million and the buyout value would decrease annually over the life of the deal. For example, the buyout would decreased to $6.3 million after next season.

If Swinney left for another position before December, he would owe Clemson $3 million. The buyout number decreases by $500,000 each contract year until 2016 when the buyout declines to $750,000.

Swinney also has number of performance incentives, including a $150,000 bonus for winning a national title.

The contract also calls for an assistant coaching “salary pool,” beginning in 2014.

Percentage raises would be applied to the Clemson assistants’ aggregate total compensation and the pool would then be distributed among the assistant staff: 6 percent for a division title, 10 percent for an ACC title, 18 percent for a national title.

Swinney’s contract also calls for his performance to be reviewed each January.