A James Island couple has asked the S.C. Supreme Court to reconsider its decision to keep their 2-year-old adopted daughter with her biological father.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco filed the request Friday seeking another hearing in the case, court officials confirmed. A copy of the court papers were not available.

The Supreme Court ruled last month that 2-year-old Veronica would not be seriously harmed by staying with her biological father, whose successful challenge of the adoption drew worldwide interest and prompted criticism of a federal law aimed at preserving American Indian families.

The 3-2 decision affirmed a family court ruling that returned the girl to her father, a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, on New Year’s Eve.

“Save Veronica Rose,” a Facebook page organized to support the Capobiancos, posted a message asking the public to pray for the justices to have a change of heart. “The chances are slim but there’s always room for another miracle in this world,” the message read.