Don’t worry, film buffs! Spoleto might be primarily known as a festival for dance, music, theatre and opera, but there’s something for you, too.

As part of the Piccolo Spoleto festival, the Charleston County Public Library is hosting the American Film Series, a set of free daily screenings of classic American films.

The series began on May 25 and will end on June 8. A total of 10 films are being screened, taken from a variety of genres and time periods. All but three are on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 greatest films of all time. The event was programmed by Sara Briebart, the library’s coordinator of adult programming.

“We want to make sure the audience is entertained, so most of the time we show feel-good movies, but we want to show quality movies as well,” Briebart said.

At over 90 years old, Briebart says she’s been programming film events for the library for nearly 30 years. Her series have been staples of the Piccolo Spoleto festival for decades. Kevin Crothers, the library’s media specialist, is helping out this year.

The library has more screenings planned for the summer, including a series on the life of Richard Wagner. Live simulcasts of the Metropolitan Opera’s HD Summer Encore series of operas also will be offered at the library.

Crothers said the American Film Series has been well-attended.

“It hasn’t been too bad, considering they’re screening in the middle of the afternoon and compete with other Spoleto events,” he said. “‘Citizen Kane’ had a remarkably good crowd. That might have been the largest one so far.”

Screenings are held at 1 p.m. on weekdays. Upcoming screenings include “The Godfather Part II” on June 5, “Network” on June 6, “Hoop Dreams” on June 7, and “The Philadelphia Story” on June 8.

Andrew Johnson is a Newhouse School graduate student.