Home movie from the 1940s captures traditional reaping methods at Willtown Bluff

WILLTOWN BLUFF – At the time that somebody hauled a movie camera into a Willtown Bluff Plantation field, it would have taken a projector that weighed as much as a peck of flour to display the captured images. But in the 75 years that have passed since that recording session, screens have...

Amidst unsettling news, S.C. Dems aim for unity in Philadelphia this week

PHILADELPHIA — The Republican National Convention kicked off last week with some serious soul-searching about the fate of the GOP. On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Democrats were asking similar questions about their own party’s political future.

Now hear the Democrats

The presidential primary race winner has remarkably high “negative” poll numbers. Many members of the party base are far from enthusiastic about that nominee, who also faces a troubling credibility gap with the electorate at large.