Once stricken with helplessness as floodwater filled their homes, many Lowcountry residents set their sights Thursday on getting life back to normal even as authorities, including Gov. Nikki Haley, warned of more devastation to come.

Celebratory side of sparkling to shine at DimSumPalooza

Sparkling wine producers worked long and hard to persuade drinkers that bubbles aren’t exclusively for celebrations. But they can’t always help themselves from trying to make their wines a little more special.

Charleston County reflects on 20 years of economic development

Charleston County has nearly replaced the number of jobs lost when the Navy base shut down, defying fears that the closing would doom the local economy while ushering in an era of public- and private-sector cooperation, business leaders said Wednesday.

Expedite Main Road project

The flooding of Main Road from U.S. 17 to Johns Island wasn’t a catastrophe of the scale of those roads and bridges that collapsed elsewhere in the state.