As the death toll continued to rise Tuesday amid unprecedented flooding that impacted much of the state, Gov. Nikki Haley vowed South Carolina would recover, just as it has from a series of tragedies this year.

South Carolina ‘not 100 percent sure’ home game against LSU will go on as planned

COLUMBIA — Williams-Brice Stadium basked under bright sunshine Tuesday, but extensively flooding elsewhere in Columbia had the University of South Carolina debating whether to host its next football game.

Flooding a “shipwreck” for area farms

The 2 feet of rain that fell on parts of South Carolina this weekend indiscriminately smothered newly planted seeds and crops ready to harvest, creating a near-total loss for area farmers.

Tourists try enjoying Charleston amid stormy weather

When Lorraine and Paul McFarland visited New York, they encountered a blizzard. When they went to British Columbia, wildfires raged in the mountains. When they came to Charleston for a 10-day stay, a 1,000-year storm flooded the city.

Rising to flood’s challenge

Catastrophic rainstorms like this one happen only every thousand years, climate and weather experts explained as unprecedented flooding forced people out of their homes, closed roads and submerged stalled vehicles. One can only hope that assessment holds true.