UPDATE: Gov. Nikki Haley says she is working closely with the counties and FEMA.

Sapakoff: Mackensie Alexander, Clemson’s second most valuable player, backs up the talk

CLEMSON — Just before Clemson and Notre Dame met Saturday night in the biggest game of the season for both teams, Tigers cornerback Mackensie Alexander strolled up to Irish head coach Brian Kelly on the rain-soaked...

Clemson study questions value of restaurant technology

It’s very possible that you’re now happily reading this post on a mobile phone or tablet. And that happiness might have something to do with the fact that a restaurant didn’t force the electronic equipment into your hands.

Tourists try enjoying Charleston amid stormy weather

When Lorraine and Paul McFarland visited New York, they encountered a blizzard. When they went to British Columbia, wildfires raged in the mountains. When they came to Charleston for a 10-day stay, a 1,000-year storm flooded the city.

Rising to flood’s challenge

Catastrophic rainstorms like this one happen only every thousand years, climate and weather experts explained as unprecedented flooding forced people out of their homes, closed roads and submerged stalled vehicles. One can only hope that assessment holds true.