HEAD TO HEAD: No. 1 Clemson at South Carolina

The difference between the teams is most stark at quarterback, where the Tigers boast a Heisman Trophy contender and the Gamecocks have a former walk-on who plays much bigger than someone who received no major offers out of high school — but is still a former walk-on nonetheless. Perry Orth...

Carolinas’ leading pitmasters fashion modern cookhouses

To create the barbecue that has made him a hero to chefs living as far away as Australia, Rodney Scott needs just a few ingredients: a hog, vinegar, peppers, fire and plenty of time. If you travel to Hemingway to order a plate of it, the pulled pork comes in a three-section Styrofoam box,...

Surplus not a roads solution

South Carolina’s healthy revenue forecast for the next fiscal year is good news for a state with wide-ranging budgetary needs.